Forum Thread: Do you like Valentine's Day?

Is Valentine's Day a thing you do, or do you hate it? Do you spend it with friends? Family? Significant other? What do you do to celebrate?

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3 Responses

If I have a significant other, I celebrate it with him/her. Otherwise, I spend time drinking myself into oblivion with friends! :-) I like it okay - I like showing affection in a cute way even if it's a contrived 'Hallmark' holiday.

I love any excuse to go out, dress up, decorate, bake, etc. I love the fact that now my husband and I get a Date Night in honor of the holiday. After kids it seems like dates are almost non existent! Valentine's Day is always a tricky one, especially if you are single. Back when I was single...I loved to go shopping with my girls, get dressed up, and go out for dinner and drinks. The conversation was typically centered around the fact that we were so happy to be single and loving life, that we didn't need a man, haha, complete BS!

Valentine's Day is the lover's holiday. For couples, it cannot be beat. For single individuals, it may not be the best day of the year. However, if you need to hedge your bet to not be alone next year, you should buy a house. According to a new study, individuals who own homes are a little more likely to attract the opposite sex than those who don't. But it is not by a large margin. I found it here: Love and the home owner. So that is a great tip to all singles!

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